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It has been estimated that 4 out of 5 businesses have been unintentionally overcharged by their utility supplier. Everyone with a utility meter is at risk until accuracy is  verified.


The problems of utility cost control are difficult  and there are chances that your operation is being overcharged on  utility bills. Organizations do not have the time, tools or expertise to  audit their own bills. What can you do about them? The first thing to  do is to take an in-depth rate analysis of utility needs to make certain  the bills are reviewed and to see if those needs are being met at the  lowest possible cost. 

Through an in depth technical analysis reviewing  thousands of pages of tariffs and 65+ years experience, our objective is to recover overcharges and obtain  any changes that can be made in rates. This includes implementing  riders, special provisions, discounts and other factors that reduce the  cost per unit charged to you on your utility bills. Specifically we  will:  

- Conduct an extensive technical analysis of all-utility rates, schedules, metering, and bills.       

- Identify overcharges and obtain refunds of over-payments.       

- Personally, negotiate on your behalf with the utility companies or energy marketer.       

- Obtain  the proper rates, review your contracts and service agreements, submit  recommendations for all possible savings to ensure that you are paying  the lowest possible for utility services based on your industry and  usage.   

Our audit is completely non-invasive to your  company and does not affect facility operations or cause a great deal  of extra staff work. All of our work is performed off site using utility  company records you provide. To begin, all will need is a signed agreement and copies of the last 12 months of utility bills  (telecommunications, we require 1 months copies) for each of your  locations.